Specialised psychological consultations (CPS)


Scientific expertise

Psychological interventions and understanding of adaptive and maladaptive psychological behaviours, in the following areas

  • High Potential
  • Life History
  • Neuropsychology and logopedics
  • Career guidance
  • Orthopedagogy
  • Parenthood
  • Psychoanalysis and person-centred therapy
  • Emotion-focused therapy

Main equipement

Infrastructure for a psychological consultation service and for the implementation of clinical and applied research on specific populations:

  • Premises and administrative management for a specialised psychological consultation service
  • Facilities for the recruitment of research participants
  • Access to databases


  • Psychological consultations
  • Supervision of second and third cycle post-graduate students to enable them to be trained in psychological interventions specific to the field concerned and to provide them with skills in clinical research
  • Conferences, courses, seminars and continuing education activities for professionals involved in the fields covered by the specialised consultations.

Services available to

  • The entire UCLouvain university community: psychological consultations, research, teaching
  • General public: psychological consultations