Centre for Applied Molecular Technologies (CTMA)


               Sequencing platform

Technical and scientific expertise

  • Addressing biological threat issues from a military-clinical-academic perspective
  • Development of a B-LIFE mobile laboratory deployment capability for infectious agent analysis (capacity recognised by the EU Civil Protection Mechanisms)
  • Expertise in biostatistics and bioinformatics for omics data analysis (genomics, transcriptomics).
  • Expertise in the development of lateral flow assay diagnostic kits
  • Development of diagnostic and therapeutic applications based on recombinant llama or alpaca antibodies
  • Expertise in the development of diagnostic kits and tools based on molecular biology technologies such as:
    • quantitative PCR, LAMP, RPA
    • second (Illumina) and third generation (ONT) Sanger and high-throughput sequencing
    • development of customised multiplex lateral flow immunochromatographic tests

Main equipment

  • ABI 3130 4-capillary Sanger sequencer
  • Illumina high-throughput sequencing platform: iSeq, MiSeq and NextSeq1000
  • Oxford Nanopore Technologies high-throughput sequencing platform: MinION and GridION.
  • Spotting platform: SciFlexarrayer S3
  • B-LIFE mobile intervention laboratory deployable in Europe and outside Europe


  • Detection, identification and characterisation (virulence, resistance) of known and unknown microbiological agents (bacteria, viruses, yeasts) and environmental agents
  • Technical and scientific support for research projects (experimental design, data analysis, writing of reports, dissertations, scientific articles) in the field of infectious and genetic diseases, pharmacogenetics and biomarker identification
  • Bioinformatics and biostatistical analysis of high-throughput sequencing data (WGS, RNAseq, targeted NGS, metagenomics, etc.)
  • Production of fungal biomass for the preparation of vaccines

Services available to

  • UCLouvain students and researchers
  • Non-UCLouvain parties


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