Neuroimaging platform (NIMA)


Reconstruction of brain white matter fibres       Brain activation during a working memory task       3T MRI model SIGNATM Premier (General Electric Company) and 48-channel head antenna    

Technical and scientific expertise

  • Methodological, statistical and technical support at all stages of human neuroscience studies using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Coordination of the use of MRI by neuroscience researchers
  • Training for MRI users
  • Certification of researchers who wish to carry out MRI acquisitions independently (in collaboration with the radiology department of Saint-Luc University Hospital)
  • Scientific monitoring of methodological, statistical and technical advances
  • Maintenance and development of research equipment for MRI
  • Setting up and maintaining an MRI data management system

Main equipment

  • 3T MRI model SIGNATM Premier (General Electric Company) equipped with a 48-channel head antenna
  • MRI-compatible hardware for stimulation (visual, auditory, tactile, etc.) and recording of participants’ behavioural and/or physiological responses
  • NordicNeuroLab equipment:
    • 32-inch full HD LCD screen
    • Audio system (frequency range: 8 Hz to 35 kHz)
    • Subject response device
    • Stimuli synchronisation device
  • Support for development of MRI-compatible devices and testing of new hardware


  • Functional neuroimaging (BOLD contrast) with task or at rest
  • Functional neuroimaging by pseudo-continuous arterial spin labelling (pcASL)
  • Functional brain connectivity
  • Morphometric brain imaging (volumetry, cortical thickness, curvature, etc.)
  • Diffusion imaging (white matter microstructure, brain fibre visualisation, structural brain connectivity)
  • Myelin mapping
  • Mapping of brain lesions
  • Spectroscopy and functional spectroscopy (H-fMRS)

Services available to

  • UCLouvain students, clinicians and researchers
  • University and industry partners (request a quote)


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