CEFISES OLOFOS Seminar - Raymundo Morado - Musings on logical validities


05 juin 2019

15:00 - 17:00


Salle Ladrière - Collège Mercier - Place Cardinal Mercier 14

Musings on logical validities, by Raymundo Morado (UNAM, Mexico, and visiting scholar of the ISP, UCLouvain)


Commentary : Alexandre Guay, ISP, UCLouvain



In this talk we explore an informational approach to modelling logical validity. We review some reasons to replace talk of truth-preservation with that of content-containment. After pursuing a picture of logical content as the trimming of logical space, we try to apply an informational approach to issues like the nature of relative possibilities, the paradoxes of material conditionals, the synonymy of all tautologies (or of all contradictions), and the negative nature of information, This helps support the idea that it is advantageous to expand our notion of logical validity to include non-deductive forms of it.

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