Prof. Sophie HERMANS


Our international team is composed of the following members :

* Prof. Sophie Hermans (FRS-FNRS Research Associate, team leader)

* Tommy Haynes (Ph. D. student)

* Nadzeya Kryvutsa (Ph. D. student)

* Francisco Mederos Henry (Ph. D. Student)

Permanent support is brought by

* Jean-François Statsyns (Technician)

* Jacqueline Boniver (Secretary)


Selective oxidation of alcohols and aldehydes in liquid phase              

(in collaboration with the Laboratory of Catalysis and Chemistry of divided Materials, UCL).

Search for new multimetallic heterogeneous catalysts containing noble metals. Comparative study of the promoting effects caused by heavy post-transition elements (bismuth, lead, ruthenium or gold) in Pd(Pt)-based catalysts. Application to the selective oxidation of glucose to gluconic acid and of glyoxal to glyoxalic acid.

Investigation of new preparation methods for multimetallic promoted noble metal-based catalysts using non classical inorganic or organometallic precursors.

Functionalization of classical or non classical (fullerenes, nanotubes) carbonaceous supports with heterometallic molecular clusters. Synthesis of heterobimetallic clusters containing noble metals. Surface organometallic chemistry of classical and non classical carbon supports.

SIMS investigations of these materials (in collaboration with the SURF Group, Tailoring and probing organic & bio surfaces, UCL).




SEM image of a Pd-Au/C catalyst  

TEM image of a carbon nanofibre
decorated with Pd nanoparticles