List of areas of expertise and types of services provided by the platform:

  • Grinding
  • Dissolution / fractionation / extraction of complex samples
  • Physical / chemical analysis of complex matrices:
    • Soil and sediment, organo-mineral matrices
    • Water and wastewater
    • Biomass and biowastes
    • Living organisms and extracts (vegetation, food, feed matrices)
    • Solid / liquid / gas samples from chemical / biotechnological / environmental processes

  • Analytical methods: elemental analysis, inorganic anions, organic and inorganic carbon (DOC / TIC), COD, PAHs and degradation products, endocrine disruptors, organic acids and microbial metabolites, sugars, amino acids, glutathion, gas (CO2, CH4, O2, N2, H2 )
  • Technical support for the development, testing and assessment of analytical methods

Expertises on specific matrices and methods are also provided by the research groups involved in the platform

  • Research group Bioengineering & Biorefining (Pr. Iwona Cybulska & Pr. Patrick Gerin): Characterization of lignocellulosic biomass, plant extracts, food- feed- and bio-wastes, fermentation matrices, polluted soil, sediment and water, and similar materials.
  • Research group Soil Science and Environment Geochemistry (Pr. Pierre Delmelle, Pr. Sophie Opfergelt & Pr. Yannick Agnan): Characterization of rock, soil, vegetation, water and sediment for their chemical composition (carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, major and trace elements), soil physico-chemical analysis, and mineralogy.
  • Research group "Forest Sciences" (Pr. Quentin Ponette & Pr. Caroline Vincke): mineral analyses of soil, water and plant samples (including woody components), in line with research topics related to the biogeochemistry of forest ecosystems.
  • Research group "Vegetal Physiology" (Pr. Stanley Lutts, Pr. André Lejeune & Pr. Muriel Quinet)
  • Research group "ELIC" (Pr. Veerle Vanacker, Pr. Kristof Van Oost & Pr. Bas Van Wesemael)