About us

ESPO Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

Studies and research carried out at the faculty focus on man in society: the way he interacts with and relates to others. This is why it is the home of study programs in economic science, management, political science, anthropology, communication, human and social sciences, work sciences, demography and development.

The objective which the faculty’s programs and research work towards is a difficult issue to tackle, given that the factors inherent in such a goal are so interdependent as well as the fact that it cannot be subjected to experiment. Human behavior, (since humans are the subjects of research in the instance), is unpredictable; studying human beings is therefore no easy matter and calls for a solid course of training.

The breadth of domains addressed by these research and study programs can provide an explanation for the interest demonstrated towards them. At the same time, it justifies the attention we pay to achieving a wide sense of disciplinary openness, which should enable students to acquire specialist skills.

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