Language of instruction

The language of instruction for the majority of UCLouvain course units is French. Thus all students are invited to participate in course units (classes, seminars, practical work, etc.) in French. This is why we recommend that students have at least a B2 level in French (written and oral).

Please note, however, that the Faculty of Public Health organises some course units whose language of instruction is English and also offers “English friendly” course units.

English friendly

“English friendly” course units are taught in French but provide English options. Thus students whose mother tongue is not French can participate in course units whose content would otherwise be more difficult to grasp. This allows them to improve their understanding of French.

English friendly courses offer at least one of the following English options:

  • questions: students can ask questions in English;
  • assessment: students can make presentations, write essays and/or answer exam questions in English;
  • dictionary: students can use a dictionary (monolingual French dictionary or bilingual French-mother tongue dictionary, as indicated by the professor), including during examinations.

To benefit from these options, students must first check that the course unit has the “English-friendly” label (see “Other information” in the course unit description). Next, students must inform the professor of the options they wish to use. The request must be made at the first session!

Please note that “English friendly” does not mean bilingual: the course units concerned are still taught in French and the professors are likely to communicate with students in French.