Chemistry School


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Chemistry is omnipresent in our modern societies. Often associated with an image of pollution or toxicity, it is nevertheless a science that will enable us to meet the energy and material challenges of tomorrow!

Nowadays, we can no longer live without material comfort, modern means of transport, electronic devices, active medicines... The production of each material or substance requires the development of efficient chemical processes, both in terms of product quality, cost and energy and environmental impact. Chemistry is not a science of the past but will continue to shape our future!

Chemistry concerns the knowledge of matter, from atoms and molecules to supramolecular architectures and macromolecules (polymers, proteins, etc.). It analyses the properties of matter in many fields of application (materials, food processing, health, etc.) in order not only to understand the phenomena, but also and above all, to predict new properties and therefore new applications. The development of new molecules through innovative synthesis pathways is a hallmark of these developments. 

Prof Tom LEYSSENS, president of the School of Chemistry