Welcome in the world of statistics

Inavoidable science of everyday life, statistics has become a complete and independent university discipline at the crossroads of numerous domains of application. The UCL quickly reacted to the increased importance of statistics by creating in 1992 the Institute of statistics, unique in Europe, which brings together statisticians working in various application fields. Today, this institute is a research center of international reputation which also interacts with the local users of statistics in all disciplines.

Our experience in training allows us to offer you today two masters programs, in statistics and biostatistics, which adapt perfectly to the variety of students concerned by statistics and fulfill the requirements of the professions. 

Among the variety of proposed training programs, you will find for example the opportunity to do an exchange semester in another important European center (in Flanders, Italy, Germany and France). Another particular aspect of our masters programs is the inclusion of external teachers and consultants in our team who guarantee a strong professional link of our diplomas.

Welcome to the exciting world of statistics. A multidisciplinary world which will open you the gates of numerous career opportunities.

We are looking forward to meeting you on the campus of Louvain-la-Neuve.

Johan Segers, Chairman of LSBA