Agricultural and Resource Economics


Agri-food systems in transition: The role of certification in local food systems (2019-2023)

The overall goal of this PhD project is to evaluate the potential of participatory guarantee systems (PGS) - an alternative, locally focused, certification mechanism – in stimulating inclusive, resilient and sustainable local food systems. The research includes an extensive review of the scientific evidence on claims surrounding local food systems, and three case studies: vegetable value chains in Vietnam, Peru and Belgium. Micro-economic field data is collected and examined using econometric techniques, including discrete choice experiment analysis and panel data analysis.

PhD researcher: Laura Enthoven

Transmission of agricultural commodity world price and volatility to the Ivorian domestic market (M. Ahoba)

This research investigates the Ivorian export crops market integration to the world market. The aim is to analyze the link between these markets both in terms of price level and volatility. The empirical analysis use error correction and generalized autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity models. New methodological approach allowing joint estimation of the co-integrating relationship between prices and MGARCH model are used.