150th anniversary of the Mendeleev PeriodicTable


October 08, 2019

January 30, 2020


Science and Technologies Library (BST)

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Mendeleev Periodic table, the BST plans to set up a poster exhibition on this theme in the autumn, as usual on the ground floor of the BST around the students' cafeteria.

The idea would be to present about ten posters with a chemical element each time, with on the one hand some explanations on this element (its place in the table, its discovery, its main applications,...) and on the other hand a brief presentation of a research activity (in the ST sector) that revolves around this element: in chemistry, in agro, etc. The project will only become a reality if we have material, namely a dozen researchers willing to write to us a presentation of their research activity around this chemical element: a score of lines, an image/graph. BST is responsible for the composition of the posters.

This exhibition will remain in place at least until January and will show your research activities to our audiences, mainly our students in the ST sector. A way to build bridges.

Could you circulate the information within your entities and suggest to potential candidates to contact frederic.brodkom@uclouvain.be for more information and confirmation.