Reframing environmental law ​ to address core sustainability issues: Interfacing biodiversity & land systems by Christine Frison & Patrick Meyfroidt


May 31, 2022


Ocean room B002

In this seminar, Patrick Meyfroidt will discuss 10 facts synthesized from land system science, which help to explain the challenges of achieving sustainability in land use and also point toward solutions. He will start by explaining the scientific and political context in which a group of coauthors, under the umbrella of the Global Land Programme, decided to engage in this work, and then will present and exemplify each of these facts and their implications. ​

Christine Frison will present her ERC project proposal "EcoLAWgy", which echoes some of the implications for governance and practice identified by Patrick Meyfroidt in the area of land systems. EcoLAWgy proposes a new framing to design and implement international biodiversity law taking into account ecological constraints. Generally focused on short-term human needs, environmental treaties emerge as a reaction to an environmental threat or destruction through a negotiated text by the international community and where power games significantly impact the output. Considering the current status of biodiversity loss, it is time for a change of paradigm to slow down or reverse the pace of the on-going ecological collapse.