Expertises on specific matrices and methods are also provided by the research groups involved in the platform


  • Research group "Bioengineering & Biorefining" (Pr. Iwona Cybulska & Pr. Patrick Gerin): Characterization of lignocellulosic biomass, plant extracts, food- feed- and bio-wastes, fermentation matrices, polluted soil, sediment and water, and similar materials.

  • Research group "Soil Science and Environment Geochemistry" (Pr. Pierre Delmelle, Pr. Sophie Opfergelt & Pr. Yannick Agnan): Characterization of rock, soil, vegetation, water and sediment for their chemical composition (carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, major and trace elements), soil physico-chemical analysis, and mineralogy.

  • Research group "Forest Sciences" (Pr. Quentin Ponette & Pr. Caroline Vincke): Mineral analyses of soil, water and plant samples (including woody components), in line with research topics related to the biogeochemistry of forest ecosystems.

  • Research group "Plant Physiology" (Pr. Stanley Lutts, Pr. André Lejeune & Pr. Muriel Quinet):  Plant development and plant response to abiotic constraints including mineral toxicities, involvement of mineral elements and plant metabolites in plant response to stress.

  • Research group "Physical Geography" (Pr. Veerle Vanacker, Pr. Kristof Van Oost & Pr. Bas Van Wesemael): Quantification of organic C and total N content in soils and SOM fractions, preparation of soil and rock samples for cosmogenic radionuclide analysis (CRN).