2020 Alan Berman Research Publication Award

Florentin Rochet and Olivier Pereira, together with Ryan Wails and Aaron Johnson from the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory and Prateek Mittal from Princeton University, received the 2020 Alan Berman Research Publication Award for best paper in the U.S. Navy Information Technology Division.

This award was granted on July 22nd, 2021 for the paper: "CLAPS: Client-Location-Aware Path Selection in Tor" published in the Proceedings of the 27th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS 2020), which is the top venue in Computer Security & Cryptography (Google Scholar).

This paper develops new techniques for communication path selection in the Tor anonymous communication system. Path selection algorithms may be the most fundamental challenge in low-latency anonymous communication networks, and the CLAPS system makes it possible to perform client-location-aware path selection in a way that substantially improves both on the security and on the performance of existing designs. CLAPS also comes with a methodology that can be easily adapted to resist different types of adversaries, while preserving the network performance.


Published on November 25, 2021