Research Divisions

In terms of day-to-day organization, ICTEAM researchers belong to one of these three research divisionselectrical engineering (ELEN), computing science and engineering (INGI) or mathematical engineering (INMA).

There is a strong overlap between the scientific topics covered by the research divisions, and scientific interactions are numerous and encouraged (seminars, social events, including an annual ICTEAM Day, common relaxation room...).

The research divisions focus on the following areas:

  • Electrical engineering (ELEN): electronic circuits and systems, communication systems and networks, machine learning and artificial intelligence, cryptography and information security, signal and image processing, micro and nano technologies and sytems, microwavre engineering and applied electromagnetism.
  • Computing science and engineering (INGI): software engineering, communication systems and networks, artificial intelligence and machine learning, cybersecurity.
  • Mathematical engineering (INMA): applied mathematics, optimisation, dynamical sytems, control, large graphs and networks, artificial intelligence and machine learning.