2023 WLA Prize in Computer Science or Mathematics

The winners of the 2023 World Laureates Association Prize were announced on Sept. 14, 2023, in Shanghai.

The Prize in Computer Science or Mathematics was awarded to Arkadi Nemirovski at Georgia Tech and Yurii Nesterov, Professor Emeritus and Senior Scientific Researcher at Université Catholique de Louvain "for their seminal work in convex optimization theory, including self-concordant function and interior-point methods, a complexity theory of optimization, accelerated gradient methods, and robust optimization methodological advances."

Arkadi Nemirovski and Yurii Nesterov's work "has sparked the 'first-order revolution' that has allowed optimization algorithms to be applied to the large-scale problems characteristic of modern applications," commented Michal I. Jordan, Chair of the 2023 WLA Prize Selection Committee in Computer Science or Mathematics, adding that "their development of a complexity theory for optimization and a suite of acceleration methods has deepened our understanding of what is possible in optimization and what is meant by an 'optimal way to optimize.'"

Additionally, Nemirovski and Nesterov have authored several impactful textbooks. broadening the reach of their discoveries and insights to a diverse audience spanning mathematics, engineering, and beyond.

The 2023 WLA Prize Award Ceremony is scheduled to take place in Shanghai on November 6, 2023, followed by a series of engaging sessions to celebrate the laureates' outstanding achievements.

The WLA Prize is an international science prize established in Shanghai, in 2021, initiated by the World Laureates Association (WLA), managed by the WLA Foundation, and exclusively funded by HongShan. Each year, the WLA Prize is awarded in two categories: "Computer Science or Mathematics" and "Life Science or Medicine", with the total award for each Prize, which may be divided among up to four laureates, being RMB 10 million. The prize money of each award this year will be shared equally among the winners.

Source : press release WLA Prize

Published on September 15, 2023