Thesis Award 2012

The award was granted during the Young Researchers’ Day (May 30, 2012).

The ICTEAM Thesis Award 2012 was conferred to Nicolas GILLIS for his thesis entitled "Nonnegative matrix factorization : complexity, algorithms and applications". The thesis promotor is Prof. François GLINEUR.

Thesis award 2012
Prof. Luc Vandendorpe, Prof. François Glineur (who received the award in Nicolas Gillis' name) and Prof. Michel Gevers

Michel Gevers, chair of the selection committee, delivered a very interesting speech explaining how the jury proceeded to select the best thesis among all applications.

Unfortunately, Nicolas Gillis could not be present since he has a post-doctoral position at Waterloo University (Canada).

The members of the selection committee were G. Avoine, I. Huynen, C. De Vleeschouwer, M. Gevers (chair), P. Sobieski, P. Van Dooren and P. Van Roy.

Published on June 01, 2012