Vanderlinden Prize 2021 awarded to Jean-Pierre Raskin

Prof. Jean-Pierre Raskin was granted the Georges Vanderlinden Prize 2021 from the Royal Academy of Belgium (Science Class), for the development of more sustainable wireless communication systems by successfully substituting toxic and critical materials in advanced high frequency integrated circuits. The award was given to Prof. Jean-Pierre Raskin in Brussels, Belgium, on December 18th, 2021.

Sensitized by the environmental and social challenges of our society, Prof. Jean-Pierre Raskin launched a large number of PhD and Master thesis work by focusing on the reduction of the use of resources (energy and materials) in the design of electronic systems for telecommunications . His idea has always been to replace microwave technologies based on toxic and critical materials such as GaAs, InP, AlGaAs, etc., through integrated silicon-based technology. It was a long adventure during which silicon-based demonstrators performing successfully at RF and millimeter-wave frequencies were demonstrated in the laboratory before being successfully transferred to several manufacturers.


Published on December 21, 2021