Fluid mechanics


The institute is active in research projects involving advanced numerical simulations for turbulent and vortical flows, aerodynamics, thermal-hydraulics, heat transfer, granular flows, multi-phase flows, reactive flows, flows in porous media, buoyancy driven flows with evaporation, atmospheric boundary layer flows, compressible flows, flows with surface ablation, etc. This also includes the development of numerical methods and of research codes for incompressible, weakly compressible and highly compressible flows, together with their deployment on high performance computing (HPC) infrastructures; also in collaboration with research groups from other universities and research centers.

We combine this computational expertise with experimental facilities to validate numerical models or for specific experimental projects.

Applications are in the fields of aerospace and aeronautical engineering, wind energy, bio-inspired locomotion and biomechanics, nuclear thermal-hydraulics, combustion, energy systems, ejector technology; and complex flows in general.