Civil and environmental engineering

The group GCE is composed of 4 full time academics and researchers. His research activities concern several fields related to structural engineering, geomechanics and hydraulics.

Materials and process engineering

The objective of the pole Materials and Processes Engineering (IMAP) is to develop an integrated and multidisciplinary research of the full life cycle of materials, from chemical processing to...

Mechatronic, electrical energy, and dynamic systems

Mechatronics denotes the simultaneous and integrated combination of techniques deriving from mechanics, electricity, electronics, as well as control and computer sciences, used to design more...

Applied mechanics and mathematics

The research objective of the Applied Mechanics Division is the theoretical prediction of the behaviour of solids and fluids, with the help of new mathematical modeling and computer simulation...

Thermodynamics and fluid mechanics

The Thermodynamics and fluid mechanics division (TFL) has been conducting research in the fileds of energy and fluid mechanics.