Advances in Simulation for Earthquake Engineering

Contact : João Almeida

One research field of my strong personal liking is the simulation of the seismic response of structures, namely reinforced concrete. A substantial part of my work has focused on nonlinear material and geometric equivalent frame analysis, dealing in particular with localization and dependability of results, for which I have contributed with new proposals for regularization techniques and beam formulations.

I have also worked on the development of models for shear-flexural interaction (e.g., see here and here) and on the influence of damping models (e.g., see here and here). The outcome of the investigations on the effect of some design details on the seismic behaviour have also been reflected on the development of detailed numerical models.


Finally, in addition to numerical modelling, I am also interested albeit to a lesser degree, in the development of mechanics-based models (e.g., to simulate out-of-plane instability or to extend existing models to account for the presence of lap splices).

(Legend) Comparison between the experimental response and the numerical simulation of a circular RC bridge pier in terms of force-displacement (top row) and curvature distribution along the height (bottom row) using: (i) a classical force-based element (left column), (ii) a classical displacement-based element (central column), and (iii) a newly proposed axially-equilibrated displacement-based element (right column).

If you are working on any of the above topics (or related topic) and have ideas of research, please contact me.