Mechatronic, electrical energy, and dynamic systems


Mechatronics denotes the simultaneous and integrated combination of techniques deriving from mechanics, electricity, electronics, as well as control and computer sciences, used to design more reliable and more competitive products.

This multi-disciplinary approach requires an effective interaction between the various disciplines involved in each study phase. The mechatronic methodology aims at reaching an optimum, which cannot be obtained by a classical approach that is mainly sequential and compartmentalized.

This is the reason why the research activities of the MEED division of our Institute are organized and coordinated at the level of the corresponding research center, the Centre for Research in Mechatronics (CEREM).

At a more technical level, the CREDEM laboratory (Design, fabrication and testing of electromechanical devices) owns an expertise in mechanics, informatics, electronics and electrical engineering. It covers the current needs of developers of mechatronical systems regarding these matters and is by nature at the core of the activities of the MEED pole of our Institute and its corresponding research center.