The persons


The research team : senior and junior researchers

Agnès Guiderdoni  

Agnès Guiderdoni - principal investigator

Work package « Emblematic Literature in the 17th Century »

Ralph Dekoninck  

Ralph Dekoninck – principal investigator

Work package « The image and art theories »

Aline Smeesters  

Aline Smeesters – principal investigator

Work package « Neo-Latin Poetics »

Elise Gerardy  

Elise Gerardy – doctoral student

Work package « Emblematic Literature in the 17th Century »

Sophie Leanaerts  

Sophie Lenaerts – doctoral student

Work package « The image and art theories »

Hélène Leblanc  

Hélène Leblanc – post-doctoral researcher

Work package « The circulation of concepts between philosophy, letters and arts »



Follow-up committee

The scientific follow-up committee, made up of national and international experts in the various fields involved, is systematically invited to all the activities organized by the team, and is gathered more formally once a year.

  • Laurence Boulègue (Université de Picardie – Neo-Latin studies )
  • Olivier Boulnois (EPHE – philosophy)
  • Jean-Michel Counet (UCL - philosophy)
  • Pierre-Antoine Fabre (EHESS – history of religions)
  • Jean-Pascal Gay (UCL - theology)
  • Françoise Graziani (Université de Corse – comparative literature)
  • Emmanuelle Henin (Université de Reims – French literature)
  • Virginie Leroux (EPHE – Neo-Latin studies)
  • Silvia Mostaccio (UCL – early modern history)
  • Colette Nativel (Paris 1 – history of art)
  • Anne-Elisabeth Spica (Université de Lorraine – French literature)