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Pediatric neurology


Research Team Publications


The pediatric neurologist provides support for children and adolescents with a disorder of the central nervous system (brain or soft) or the peripheral nervous system (nerves and muscles).
Research projects underway in the department are:

  • Study the impact of injuries on the child's cognitive development: C Bonnier;
  • Molecular mechanisms of mental retardation of unknown aetiology: MC Nassogne, MF Vincent, E Van Schaftingen, E Wiame, M Vikkula;
  • Effects of early sensory development and synaptic activity of the human brain: neuroanatomical study and functional brain plasticity: AG De Volder [ADV] : this program is the impact of early sensory, particularly visual, on the development of sensory and cognitive functions in humans and uses psychophysical tests of psychology and the study of the functional anatomy of the brain by the technique of magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). In particular, a program is designed to study cognitive function in individuals blind from birth through behavioral testing and fMRI. Another program is the sensory substitution and the use of a prosthesis substituting vision by audition. A program on the impact of visuo-spatial functions of learning, including digital processing and mathematics, in collaboration with the Department of Neuropediatrics (MC Nassogne and employees), sector of magnetic resonance imaging (C . Grandin) and the Laboratory of Cognition and Development, Faculty of Psychology at Louvain-la-Neuve (MP Christmas and collaborators);
  • Recording of eye movements (close collaboration with D. Yüksel, P. Lefevre, NEFY and CESAME).

Website: Service neuropédiatrie St Luc


Principal investigators