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Spasticity, a velocity-dependent increase in muscle tone, is a frequent condition among patients suffering from an upper motor neuron lesion such as stroke, traumatic brain injury; spinal cord lesion and multiple sclerosis. Spasticity treatment may improve gait and hand function, pain and quality of life. However, available treatments are multimodal including neuro-rehabilitation, orthosis, botulinum toxin injections, tendon transfer and lengthening surgery as well as functional neurosurgery (neurotomy and intra-thecal baclofen therapy). Our challenge is to promote an interdisciplinary approach of the spasticity treatment by means of practical guidelines.

Our current projects are:

  • Diagnostic nerve block with anaesthetics as an assessment tool;
  • Neuro-orthopaedic treatment of the spastic foot;
  • Isokinetic assessment of the spasticity;
  • Rectus femoris tenotomy as a treatment of the stiff knee gait in stroke patients.


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