BioScope Resolve & FluidFM

In March 2017, owing to an ERC funding we install a new BioScope Resolve™ from Bruker, coupled to the FluidFM technology from Cytosurge. This new platform offers advanced new capabilities for live-cell imaging and manipulation.

Nano Wizard JPK

In early 2015, owing to a FNRS fund, we installed a new NanoWizard® set-up from JPK Instruments equipped with a series of advanced capabilities for live-cell analysis, including a combination of AFM with a high-quality inverted optical microscopy, high-speed imaging, multiparametric imaging (QI) and an advanced cell adhesion force module (CellHesion™).

New NanoWizard AFM: faster and closer !

                             NanoWizard (JPK Instruments)

Nanoscope VIII


           Nanoscope VIII Multimode AFM (Bruker corporation)

Nanoscope V


               Nanoscope V Multimode AFM (Bruker corporation)

Bioscope catalyst/Zeiss Observer.Z1

Bioscope Bioscope

                      Bioscope Catalyst (Bruker corporation)

Info : Sylvie Derclaye