The rights and duties are different according to your status :

  • LIDAM members
  • Non LIDAM members (including students)


  LIDAM members

LIDAM members are CORE, IRES, ISBA, LFIN, SMCS members ; including visitors.

For a good organisation and an optimal use of the library, please follow strictly the rules below :


  • Only LIDAM members can borrow books.
  • Timing : books can be borrowed for max 3 weeks. This period can be extended for two more 3 week-periods, but the agreement of the librarians is requested.
  • Number : max 10 books can be borrowed at the same time.
  • Condition to borrow : if you want to take any book out of the library, we ask you to write your name and the date on the white card inside the book and put it in the mailbox of the library.
  • Returned books : put them in the special box labelled "Return books here" (the white box at the library entrance).
  • Urgent request : if there is an urgent request, the borrowed books should be available within 24 hours. We remind you that the books can not leave your office.
  • Red Label : books with RED LABEL can NOT be borrowed at all. The same applies to books with PoResp label.
  • To order a book : contact the person in charge of the scientific area or the librarians.
  • New acquisitions : they CAN NOT be borrowed during the first 2 weeks of the arrival ; this gives everyone the opportunity to consult them.
  • Inventory : during this period (once a year), we ask you to  return all the books in your possession.


  • Journals CAN NOT be borrowed at all (Red Labelled).


  • Discussion Papers and Reprints can not be borrowed (Red Labelled).


  Non-members and students

  • Non-members and students can only consult documents.
  • Borrow is not allowed.
  • Non-members and students are requested to leave their bags/case in the locker at the entrance of the library.