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Projection de la croissance trimestrielle du PIB réel de la Belgique (Pourcentage de variation de trimestre à trimestre, en %)
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What is the Service d'Analyse Economique (SAE)

Every quarter, the SAE produces a detailed analysis of short-term economic prospects in Belgium. The objective of this work is to provide public and private decision-makers with frequently updated forecasts for Belgium, which can be compared to those produced by official institutions (mainly the National Bank of Belgium and the Federal Planning Bureau) and by commercial organizations (mainly banks). Our forecasts are made available on a large scale via the media and the internet.

The Team

The analysis is supervised by Vincent Bodart.

The team also involves 8 researchers :

Our Quarterly Economic Report "Analyses économiques et prévisions"

Analyses économiques et prévisions presents a detailed analysis of short-term economic prospects in Belgium.

Our quarterly economic report, entitled "Analyses économiques et prévisions", is divided into four main chapters.

  • In the first chapter, our hypothesis about commodity prices, interest rates and exchange rates are set out and discussed.
  • In the second chapter, we analyze international economic developments outside the euro area.
  • The  third chapter examines the cycle developments in the euro area.
  • The fourth chapter covers short-term economic prospects in Belgium.
  • The quarterly report also contains a large appendix with our forecasts for a variety of international and Belgian macroeconomic variables (GDP and its components, employment and unemployment, inflation, interest rates, oil prices, world trade, fiscal balances, etc.). A synthesis of the overall analysis and the projections is presented in the introduction.

How to Subscribe to Analyses économiques et prévisions?

Analyses économiques et prévisions is only available by subscription.  

For the subscription modalities, please contact :

Virginie Leblanc 
Service d'analyse économique
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Tel : 32-10-47.34.26

Summary of our latest forecast

"Analyses économiques et prévisions", Juillet 2024 Synthesis

Inflation forecast 

update 11/06/2024