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Crecis Louvain Innovation

Louvain Innovation is an initiative of CRECIS geared to getting managers to leverage the skills developed at the UCL in the field of innovation management. In particular we offer managers from all companies (technological or non-technological) who are faced with the challenges of innovation suitable training programmes to meet their needs: 
  • An executive programme in innovation management (university certificate) of 12 days each year from January to June (with a follow-up workshop in October)
  •  Half-day workshops on demand, organised at LLN or in-company

We also offer managers an opportunity to test their innovative potential by means of a survey that relates to the 6 major dimensions of innovation management =>link. A brief report summarising their answers will give them an initial diagnosis of their company’s capacity to innovate and enable them to identify potential strengths and weaknesses in innovation management. Our experts also propose various publications on the matter of innovation management (articles and books).

Finally, Louvain Innovation organises and coordinates monthly workshops that bring together Research and Development and Innovation managers from the entire country. The purpose of these meetings is to enable the exchange of good practices and encourage participatory innovation and networking. 

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