LouRIM Research Excellence Award 2020

LOURIM Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

On January 8, LouRIM held exceptionally online the sixth edition of its yearly internal event, the LouRIM Award. The “LouRIM Research Excellence Award” recognizes the scientific merits of Institute members for their outstanding contributions published in a scientific journal during the preceding civil year.

This year, three prizes have been awarded, after an evaluation based on four criteria: quality of the contribution, multi- or inter-discliplinarity, originality and innovation, outreach and impact.

Following these criteria, the LouRIM Research Excellence Award went this year to Nathan Magrofuoco, Santiago Villarreal and Jean Vanderdonckt for their paper Eliciting Contact-Based and Contactless Gestures With Radar-Based Sensors. The jury particularly appreciated this rigorous contribution and its innovative approach in terms of data collection and measurement using Google Soli, and highlighted the high potential of this research in terms of its future practical applications.

The Outreach and Societal Impact Award went to Eline Jammaers for her paper Not all fish are equal: a Bourdieuan analysis of ableism in a financial services company. The jury particularly appreciated this original contribution focusing on the emerging phenomenon of « ableism », as the socially constructed process of marginalization of ‘disabled’ workers.

To conclude, the Research Methodology Award was for the contribution written by Guilhem Bascle, Risks of giving Wall Street what it expects. The jury particularly appreciated this theoretically well-grounded paper addressing very relevant research questions and adopting a temporal dynamics perspective.

Congratulations to the award-winners for the quality of their contributions! These three papers give the real flavor of the diversity of research carried out at LouRIM and make us very proud of our researchers!

Published on January 15, 2021