The Administration of the Science and Technology Sector (AST), under the responsibility of Michèle FONTAINE, SST Administrative Director, coordinates sectoral missions and integrates the administrative secretariat of the three SSC Domain Doctoral Committees: Engineering Sciences and Technology and Art of Building and Urbanism, Agricultural Sciences and Biological Engineering, Science and Veterinary Sciences.

In the field of education, the science and technology sector includes members of the Faculty of Science, engineers from the Ecole polytechnique de Louvain, bioengineers from the Faculty of Biological, Agronomic and Environmental Engineering and members of the Faculty of Architecture, Architectural Engineering and Urban Planning.

On the "research" side, the Science and Technology Sector has six institutes in which, from abstract formalizations to the most concrete situations, researchers in science and technology are thinking about tomorrow's development: water resources, rural economy, nanotechnologies , Computers, radiations, etc.

The Sector also includes sectoral intra- and inter-institute technology platforms.