Arte-Fac (Woluwe)

Bruxelles Woluwe

Create, support and stimulate cultural initiatives at UCLouvain Woluwe—that’s the goal of this non-profit association. Based at UCLouvain’s Woluwe campus for over 20 years, Arte-Fac aims to promote cultural activities not only among students and UCLouvain staff, but also among the individuals and families of Woluwe and all of Brussels.

Arte-Fac also organises its own events: exhibitions, art and drama workshops, musical improvisation courses, and participation in cultural projects.

Arte-Fac: a great place for great events—check it out!

Logo d'Arte Fac

Sylvie Donkers, ARTE-FAC Coordinator, 02 764 43.29,

14 Rue Martin V, 1200 Brussels