Paul Moens Medicinal Plant Garden

The UCLouvain Woluwe campus, with its auditoriums and classrooms, isn’t just a place to take classes; it’s also a verdant landscape, with a 2.5-hectare public park. The Paul Moens Medicinal Plant Garden is named for its founder, a UCLouvain professor of general and plant biology and pharmacogenetics. The park has three purposes:

  • Didactic: an indispensable learning tool for anyone interested in herbal medicine
  • Research: unused spaces for experimental cultivation
  • Relaxation: an easily accessible public park between two metro stations

An enclosure shelters Belgium’s largest collection of medicinal, culinary, food, toxic, land and water plants: 400 plots arranged in 43 beds. Belladonna, carrots, couch grass, dropwort, gaultheria, lavender and many others grow unhindered, to the pleasure of novices and specialists alike.

From 31 April to 1 October, you can discover some 100 trees and shrubs and medicinal plants, but that’s not all. The park is also home to the Sculpture Garden and a fitness path featuring a dozen warm-up, workout, stretching and endurance exercises incorporated into green spaces.

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