PhD Training 2021-2022

At UCLouvain, you can undertake a PhD in one of the following fields of study :

Human and Social Sciences

"Philosophy", "Theology", "Religion Studies", "Languages, Letters and Translation", "History, Art History and Archaeology", Information and Communication", "Political and Social Sciences", "Legal Studies", "Criminology", "Economics and Management", "Psychology and Education", "Art and Art Sciences", "Cinema and Performance Arts".

Science and Technology

"Science (including mathematics, statistics, geography)", "Agricultural Sciences and Bioengineering", "Engineering and Technology", "Engineering, Technology, Architecture and Urban Planning", "Veterinary Sciences".

Health Sciences

"Medicine", "Dentistry", "Biomedicine and Pharmaceutics", "Public Health", "Motor Skills Science".

Consult our specific pages to learn more about Phd training at UCLouvain.