PhD Training 2023-2024

At UCLouvain, you can undertake a PhD in one of the following fields of study :

Human and Social Sciences

  • "Philosophy"
  • "Theology"
  • "Religion Studies"
  • "Languages, Letters and Translation"
  • "History, Art History and Archaeology"
  • "Information and Communication"
  • "Political and Social Sciences"
  • "Legal Studies"
  • "Criminology"
  • "Economics and Management"
  • "Psychology and Education"
  • "Art and Art Sciences"
  • "Cinema and Performance Arts"

Science and Technology

  • "Science (including mathematics, statistics, geography)"
  • "Agricultural Sciences and Bioengineering"
  • "Engineering and Technology"
  • "Engineering, Technology, Architecture and Urban Planning"
  • "Veterinary Sciences"

Health Sciences

  • "Medicine"
  • "Dentistry"
  • "Biomedicine and Pharmaceutics"
  • "Public Health"
  • "Motor Skills Science"

Consult our specific pages to learn more about Phd training at UCLouvain.