FAQ (frequently asked questions)

1. When do I have to apply for a UCL accommodation  ?

As from March (for the forthcoming academic year) until :

July 31 for a 1st term Exchange  ;  November 30 for a 2nd term Exchange

Please apply online  (as from March 5th, 2018)

UCL accommodation is limited and the reservations are made following the principle ‘first-come, first-served’.


2. I must do a visa application. I need a proof of my accommodation request or that I will have an accommodation in my host country. How can I get this document ?

Only use this e-mail adress for your requests :   inforlogementlln@uclouvain.be (for accommodation in Louvain-la-Neuve)


3. I've got no answer yet ? 

Please wait : any request will receive a follow-up.


4. What if I receive a letter "no room available" before arriving in Belgium ?

You have the possibility to stay in a temporary dorm - the Kot Erasmus (28 rooms in a shared flat exclusively for Exchange Students) - for few days (approx. 3 days) in order to take the time to look intensively for an accommodation. Subscribe online: http://koterasmus.be/  

Try also the other channels of housing (menu on the right). See also the question 6. "no more UCL accommodation available"


5. What if I have no room upon my arrival ?

You may still get a chance to have a UCL accommodation during the week before the Welcome Day :

go to the UCL Accommodation Office as soon as possible AND every day.

Some UCL accommodation are released early in the semester. There are several reasons for this :  such as students cancelling their arrival or finding another place to live or missing exams. 

Try other channels of housing included the private owners : click here for roomsflats / appartments (Last updated October 20, 2017)


6. Who can help me upon my arrival ?

The student club "Erasmus Student Network" - ESN LLN, can help you when you arrive in Belgium if you ask for it. They will not make the search for a place to live for you but they will advise you on how to find a place. They are on Facebook and have a website (www.esnlln.org); but you can also send them an email at esn.lln@gmail.com.

ESN LLN can rent you a bedding kit.

7. There is no more UCL accommodation available, what can I do ? 

There are other options you might explore:

If you wish to rent accommodation this way, you will have to contact the owner/the hotel  by phone, e-mail or Facebook,  and come to an agreement with him/her directly.


8. I received a letter "a room is reserved for you".  What do I have to do ? 

When is the best time to arrive and get my key ?

Make sure you arrive on September 15th, for the first semester, and on Feburary 1st, for the second semester.

You need to sign the contract  before receiving your keys.

Check the UCL Accommodation Office opening hours.


Any further question ?

For any further question about your UCL accommodation, contact the UCL Accommodation Office by e-mail at