FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions



When can I enrol in a French course ?

After the French courses information sessions. These are held twice a year during the 1st Week of each quadrimester.


Who can take the French courses ?

  • all students, including exchange students, officially registered at the UCL Student Office
  • UCLouvain staff members.
  • More info here


When do the classes and the exams take place?

  • Courses start in week 2 in the 1st quadrimester and in week 1 in the 2nd quadrimester.
    Class timetables: more details
  • The exams take place about the middle of december (pre-session) and/or in January (January session); about the middle of May (pre-session) and/or in June (June session) and during the official period of the September session (second half of August)
    Exam timetables: more details


Are there any intensive French courses in the summer?

The University, in association with the CLL, the Centre de Langues of Louvain-la-Neuve, runs a program of intensive French especially for international students. 


Is there a placement test?

Yes: This orientation test evaluates your mastery of French in written comprehension, oral comprehension, vocabulary and grammar. This online test on Moodle is mandatory and allows teachers to place the student in a course at his or her level. It takes place during week 1 of each quadrimester.


Can I still enrol after the beginning of the academic year? 

Yes, if the group is not full yet (check with the teacher).
Enrolments are closed in week 5 (first semester) and in week 4 (second semester).
To enrol in a French course: More details


When do you need to register for the French exams in the ILV?  

  • Regular students (in a faculty) follow the enrolment procedures of their faculty.
  • "Free" students and members of Personnel register by e-mail at the ILV secretariat during the registration periods: January session: mid-November; June session: mid-April; September session: beginning of July and the beginning of August.


At the end of a course, how do you get a certificate or an attestation?  

   The certificate is awarded to any "free" student who has passed with a minimum of 10/20. This student sends his or her application online.
   An attestation can be given to an exchange student, in some cases. He or she requests it online.


Where is there a DELF or a DALF examination centre? 

 The Alliance française de Bruxelles and the University of Liège (Ulg) are exam centres for these tests.  

Our general courses prepare students to take these officiel tests.