Course Schedules

Bruxelles Woluwe, Louvain-La-Neuve

If you want to find out the timetables for a course,
here is the address :

  • type in as username, the word « etudiant » (for everybody : students, teachers, secretaries, …)

  • then as password, the word « student » (for everybody : students, teachers, secretaries, …)

  • in the drop-down menu, choose the correct academic year

  • on the top left corner, under 'RECHERCHE' (SEARCH), type in your course code L'CODE',

    • click on the magnifying glass = 'Rechercher...' (Search...)

  • under 'Course ► FAC_AC ► DEP_ADEF' the schedule of your course will appear

  • under the schedule, select the correct week S01 week 16/09/19 - S02 wk 23/09/19 - S03 30/09/19 ...

  • when a turquoise icon appears in the frame of your activity (bottom right corner) : place your cursor on that frame to see any annotations concerning your course (exceptional moving, student repartition, etc.).

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