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UCLouvain Student

You are a UCLouvain Student and...   ► the language course is already part of your Annual Student Programme (PAE) ? Check the course schedules on ADE Enrol in one of...

Exchange Student

You are an incoming exchange student   ► As part of your ECTS Learning Agreement Without extra charge, you are allowed to take the following course·s : French course·s...


    You are an assistant or a research assistant Follow the same enrolment procedures for language classes and exams as UCLouvain Personnel HERE You have a...

UCLouvain Personnel

As a UCLouvain Personnel Member, you are allowed to take the following language courses, free of charge : ► ENGLISH Enrol directly via FORM, the in-service training section of the Human...


    ► If you have been selected via an inter-university agreement (e.g., double degree, Erasmus Mundus, etc.) Follow one of these 2 procedures for UCLouvain Students :...