Welcome to the ILV French Department !

Are you a UCLouvain (doctoral) student ? An exchange student staying at UCLouvain ?
A UCLouvain staff member ? A UCLouvain, FNRS, FRIA or FRESH scholarship holder ?

Our French as a foreign language courses are for you :-)

We'll take you through the process step by step:

  1. From Thursday 14 September 2023, take the online orientation test
  2. Attend one of the 2 INFO sessions on Tuesday 19 September'23 for Q1 / on Monday 05 February'24 for Q2

    You can also ask your questions to

  3. Find out more about our courses
  4. From S02 (week of September 25th), go to class and attend the course·s

    We no longer accept new students after S05 (Q1) / after S04 (Q2)

  5. When your French teacher, in person, confirms your place on the course·s, register according to your status...