Walloon Region Educational Vouchers (Chèques-Formation)


What are they?

The Region of Wallonia’s educational voucher system aims to facilitate access to continuing education for employees at SMEs and sole traders in Wallonia. To accomplish this, the Region of Wallonia subsidises part of the cost of continuing education programmes participated in during our outside of normal working hours.
Each educational voucher has a face value of 30 euros and pays for one hour of training for the employee. Participants purchase the checks at a cost of 15 euros. The remaining 15 euros are covered by the Region of Wallonia.

Who are these vouchers for?

Educational vouchers are available to sole traders (full-time or as a secondary source of income) and SMEs.
To benefit from them, the following requirements must be met :

  1. Have a primary French-speaking head office located in Wallonia;
  2. Be either an independent business with no more than 250 employees registered with the ONSS or be a sole trader on a full-time basis or as a secondary source of income;
  3. Record annual revenues of less than 50 million euros, i.e. a balance sheet of less than 43 million euros.

What UCL programmes are concerned?

UCL is a certified training organisation for the purposes of educational vouchers. The list of continuing education programmes accredited for voucher use https://cdn.uclouvain.be/public/Exports%20reddot/alfresco/images/docx.gifis available here.

What are the steps to pay for a continuing education programme with Walloon Region educational vouchers?

1. Register for the “Chèque-Formation” voucher programme

To register, follow the procedure established by Forem on this page.

2. Purchase Educational Vouchers

All the information on how to order educational vouchers is available on the Sodexo website.

Please note that there is a maximum number of vouchers that can be used annually :

  • Sole traders (secondary source of income): 80 educational vouchers
  • Full-time sole traders or freelancers: 100 educational vouchers
  • Businesses with between 2 and 50 employees: 400 educational vouchers
  • Businesses with between 51 and 100 employees: 600 educational vouchers
  • Businesses with between 101 and 200 employees: 700 educational vouchers
  • Businesses with between 201 and 250 employees: 800 educational vouchers

3. Pay for the Continuing Education Programme with Educational Vouchers

The participant provides the person responsible for the programme’s administrative formalities with the code that was issued when he or she purchased the educational vouchers, along with the authorisation number. This must be done prior to the start of the programme so that the vouchers can be deactivated to prevent re-use.

At the end of the programme, UCL deposits the vouchers, and Sodexo then debits the participant’s virtual account.