Objective: Success

Leading up to and throughout the academic year, UCLouvain makes every effort to support its students, whether they’re in their first year of a bachelor’s programme or beyond. It pays constant attention to the quality of its courses and educational tools, and to the social, psychological and other dimensions that contribute to success.

UCLouvain offers students a wide array of individual and collective educational tools—more than 20 for first-year bachelor’s students. Organised either by the university (preparatory summer courses, the so-called ‘Bachelor’s Passport’, SMART Week, and the Easter holiday programme known as ‘Pack en bloque’) or by the sectors and faculties, they’re all designed to provide students with the keys to their success.

In general, these tools help students:

  • pursue their studies wisely, by helping them make informed choices—mainly through Information and Orientation Centre activities—which is the key to academic success;
  • navigate the transition from secondary to higher education via:
    • summer preparation courses;
    • the ‘Bachelor’s Passport’ to assess pre-bachelor’s programme skills;
    • educational activities (courses, seminars, practical exercises), especially the curriculum’s academic methodologies course;
    • available resources (course materials, computer rooms, libraries, laboratories);
    • frequent check-ups on work methods via tutorial sessions, mid-quarter practice exams (mainly during SMART Week);
    • pre-examination preparation (Pre-exam Workshops or the Easter holiday programme ‘Pack en bloque’);
    • personalised assistance (study advisers, Student Support Service).

To help each student pursue his or her education in the best possible environment, UCLouvain takes care to offer:

  • social and financial support;
  • psychological support;
  • physical and mental health guidance;
  • Programme for Students with a Specific Profile (PEPS).

In addition to looking after its students, UCLouvain also ensures the quality of its teaching, by:

  • providing tailored training to its professors at the Louvain Learning Lab and recognising their teaching commitment in their career development;
  • supporting professors’ teaching innovations (via the Educational Development Fund);
  • evaluating internally courses and programmes, with student input.