Design, prototyping and testing of electromechanical devices (CREDEM)


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Technical and scientific expertise

  • Engineering advice and technical assistance at all stages of the design, manufacturing and performance assessment of a device, machine or experimental installation
  • Access to characterization facilities and equipment with the necessary technical support

Main equipment

  • Machining, rapid prototyping (3D printing, cutting), metrology, welding, sandblasting etc.
  • Data acquisition and control systems (NI LabView, Siemens SIMATIC, dSPACE, Texas Instruments DSPs etc.)
  • Fluid mechanics test facilities (aero tunnels, robotic towing tank, high-speed camera, PIV)
  • Characterization equipment (gas analyzers, power analyzer, thermal camera, laser Doppler vibrometer etc.)
  • Training benches (automation, electric motors and internal combustion engines, turbine, heat exchangers, flame propagation etc.)

Get an overview of the platform’s equipment, experimental facilities and prototypes via a virtual tour.


  • Mechatronics and biorobotics
  • Heat engines and combustion
  • Electrical power generation and transformation
  • Multibody systems and vehicle dynamics
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Process engineering

Services available to

  • UCLouvain students and researchers
  • Non-UCLouvain parties


December 2022 - M. Charles Lhuillier, R&D engineer at AIRTHIUM, talks in a video about his collaboration with the CREDEM platform.




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