Sciences and technologies


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Animal facilities (ANCA)

This technology platform is a conventional animal housing facility for housing, breeding and testing rodents and fish.

Structural and Molecular Analysis (ASM)

This technology platform brings together four complementary techniques and the know-how necessary for the structural characterisation of small molecules and macromolecular systems.

Center of Investigation in Clinical Nutrition (CICN)

This technology platform carries out clinical studies in human nutrition with a multidisciplinary approach.

Center for High Performance Computing and Mass Storage...

This technology platform provides access to scientific computing clusters and data storage systems, and offers advice and training to users.

COllectionS of Micro-OrganismS (COSMIOS)

This platform manages and promotes collections of microorganisms (including viruses and phages), bringing together more than 50,000 isolates of prokaryotic and eukaryotic microorganisms.

Cyclotron Resource Centre (CRC)

Ion, proton and neutron beams are used for radiation testing of electronic components and the production of microporous membranes.

Design, prototyping and testing of electromechanical...

This technology platform ensures the design and prototyping of (electro) mechanical systems for experimental purposes in a wide variety of fields

University of Louvain Farms (FERM)

The University of Louvain Farms are UCLouvain’s technology platform dedicated to field crops, livestock and market gardening.

Biological Imaging (IMABIOL)

This technology platform offers high-resolution imaging equipment for biological samples.

Analysis, Characterisation, and Processing Laboratory...

The LACaMI platform is mainly active in the transformation of materials (material and form), their chemical analysis and their microstructural characterisation.

Lasers & Optics (LAS&O)

This technology platform has extensive experience in creating optical devices (interferometers, deflectometers, electro-optical sampling, microscopy, etc.).

Mechanical Testing, Structures, and Civil Engineering...

This technology platform carries out mechanical tests on various materials, tests on structures and hydraulic tests.

Mass Spectrometry of Metabolites and Compounds of...

This technology platform analyses metabolites and compounds of pharmaceutical and biological interest by mass spectrometry.

Proteomic & protein analysis by mass spectrometry (MASSPROT)

This technology platform is dedicated to proteomics and protein analysis by mass spectrometry.

Microscopic Characterization of functional and...

This technology platform is equipped with optical, electron and scanning probe microscopes, used in the fields of materials, chemistry, solid state physics and (bio)nanotechnology.

Mineral & Organic Chemical Analysis (MOCA)

This platform offers scientific and technical equipment dedicated to the chemical analysis of mineral and organic constituents present in complex matrices, whether solid, liquid, natural,...

Polymer processing & characterization (P2C)

This technology platform offers a wide range of analysis and characterisation techniques in the field of macromolecular materials.

Agro-Louvain Services platform (PALS)

The Agro-Louvain Services platform brings services and expertise related to a wide range of topics : agriculture, environment, forestry and agri-food.

Plant Cultivation Facilities (SEFY)

With 2,000 m2 of greenhouses, this technology platform ensures the management and monitoring of crops under semi-controlled conditions (aeration, humidification, heating and lighting).

Statistical Methodology and Computing Service (SMCS)

This technology platform offers consultancy services and courses in data analysis.

Surface Characterisation (SUCH)

This technology platform is dedicated to the chemical characterisation of (bio)material surfaces.

Wallonia ELectronics & COmmunications MEasurements (WELCOME)

This technology platform carries out multiparametric characterisation of materials, components, sensors, antennas, circuits, electronic and communication systems, etc.

Wallonia Infrastructure for Micro- et Nano-FABrication...

This technology platform is active in silicon-on-insulator (SOI) CMOS, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), lab-on-chip devices, sensors, solar cells, batteries, biotechnologies,...