Integrated Physiology


Scientific support: J.-L. Balligand - I. Lobysheva // Technical support: R. Verdoy  Scientific support: J.-L. Balligand - Ch. Dessy // Technical support: H. Esfahani  Scientific and technical support: Ch. Dessy 

Scientific support: Ch. Beauloye - A. Marino // Technical support: A. Marino   Scientific support: Ch. Dessy // Technical support: T. Vazeille   Scientific support: J.-Ch. Jonas // Technical support: H. Chae

Technical and scientific expertise

  • Ex vivo vascular reactivity
  • Hemodynamic profiling of rodents by telemetry
  • Pancreatic islet/aggregate/organoid perifusion for dynamic secretion measurements
  • Electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometry
  • Animal ultrasound
  • Laser Doppler for small animals
  • Depending on the techniques, the platform offers: 
    • full access to equipment, user training, assistance in setting up experimental protocols and analysing results
    • access to equipment and expertise on a collaborative basis or as a service

Main equipment

  • Electronic magnetic resonance spectrometers type Bucker EMX micro and ESR 5000
  • Set-up for the recording and analysis of haemodynamic data in unanaesthetised rodents (DSI)
  • Wire myograph (DMT) and pressure myograph (Ionoptix)
  • Vevo 2100 ultrasound scanner (FujiFilm/VisualSonics)
  • Laser Doppler perfusion imager (LDI, Moor Instruments)
  • Homemade two- or four-chamber parallel perifusion devices


  • Tissue isolation
  • Reactivity of isolated micro and macrovessels
  • Simultaneous measurements of calcium and contractility
  • Haemodynamic profiling (rhythm, pressures), ECG, blood glucose monitoring, activity measurement in the unanaesthetised rodent; simultaneous data recording for one to eight specimens
  • Non-invasive 2D/3D ultrasound imaging of the heart and large vessels in small rodents; equipment offers capabilities for B-mode, M-mode
  • Quantitative assessment of:
    • nitric oxide (NO) and nytrosyl haemoglobin (HbNO)
    • ROS (with DMPO, CAT-1, CP-H or MHC)
    • thiol-containing molecules in biological samples (cultured cells, blood and tissue)
    • metal-containing proteins (methaemoglobin, ceruloplasmin, etc.)
  • Doppler imaging of the lower limbs in mice - Assessment of post-ischaemic angiogenesis
  • Perifusion for dynamic measurements of hormone secretion from pancreatic islets, cell suspensions or organoids

Services available to

  • UCLouvain students, clinicians and researchers
  • Non-UCLouvain parties