Integrated Physiology

Bruxelles Woluwe

Technical and scientific expertise

This platform is installed on the 2d floor of the Harvey Tower (55) and some equipments are located within the animal experimentation platform.

  • Vascular reactivity (55 +2):
  • Conductance and resistance artery reactivity, Calcium and contractility measurements, Tissue isolation. The platform proposes a full access to equipments, training of new users, help in setting experiment protocols and result analyses.
  • Training and scientific support: C Dessy (FATH)

Telemetry (55 +2):

Surgery, Haemodynamic profiling (HR/P), Variability evaluation
Technical support : H Esfahany (FATH)
Scientific support : JL Balligand/C Dessy (FATH)

Islet Perifusion (55+2):

The platform is equipped with 6 chambers of perifusion for dynamic measurements of hormone secretion from pancreatic islets, cellular suspensions or organoids.
Technical and scientific support: JC Jonas (EDIN)

Electronic paramagnetic resonance (in the animal facility platform):

Quantitative evaluation of nitric oxide (NO, HbNO); ROS (with DMPO, CAT-1, CP-H or CMH); thiol-containing molecules in biological samples (cultured cells, Blood andtissues); and metal-containing proteins (methemoglobin, ceruloplasmin etc).
Technical and scientific support : I Lobysheva (FATH)

Echography (in the animal facility platform):

The echography platform is equipped with a Vevo 2100 (FujiFilm/VisualSonics) echography machine allowing for 2D / 3D non-invasive ultrasound imagingof the heart and big vessels in small rodents.
Offering capabilities for B-mode, M-mode and Doppler modalities (measurements and analysis of data). The equipment and the expertise is available for expansion of activities in cancer studies and other domains of interest within the IREC.
Technical support: EP Daskalopoulos (CARD)
Scientific support: C Beauloye / EP Daskalopoulos (CARD)