"XR": the MiiL participated in the inauguration of the first academy dedicated to "x-tended reality" careers


The “x-tended reality” also called XR is growing incredibly fast. A trend initiated by the world of video games, its technologies and its uses.
From digital to "phygital" (contraction of "physical" and "digital"), we are living a new stage of the digital era. The virtual and physical worlds tend to converge to offer new experiences in a whole range of areas: education, culture, health, business, industry, etc.

The XR Academy was inaugurated on January 31, 2023 by Technocité and its partners. Its objective is to develop skills in these emerging fields on a regional scale, to break down the mechanical divide, and to offer a space where anyone can try out and learn about these innovative technologies and uses.

During this inauguration, le MiiL presented the Proof-of-Concept of Pharmaverse realized with the start-up Ellion, and Sébastien Nahon debated with Mathieu Michel (Secretary of State for Digitization), Clarisse Ramakers (General Manager of Agoria Wallonie) and Thierry Jourquin (XR Intelligence) on the importance of XR in the industry and the business world.

Tendance Première : Les métiers de la réalité étendue - #Replay à 10:33


Published on February 10, 2023