Karbon' / Gautier Nagant / Matthieu Bonaventure

Bruxelles Saint-Gilles, Louvain-La-Neuve, Tournai

23 mars 2023


LOCI-Bruxelles, 47-51 rue Wafelaerts

Karbon' (Matthieu Delatte et Charles-Hippolyte Chatelard) en dialogue avec Gautier Nagant (Charpentier) + Matthieu Bonaventure (Maître d'ouvrage)

One project, two (or more) perspectives

Architecture as a discipline is in constant evolution. Its boundaries need to be expanded, and its various actors need to be unveiled. The architectural project is never one, single, autonomous act, but it entails necessary collaborations on a multidisciplinary level. The conception, execution and representation of a project changes depending on the perspective taken. Unfolding the various pluralities of architecture is the aim of this series. Staged as a dialogue between different actors, the lecture series How To Be Both. Architecture and its Pluralities aims at exploring multidisciplinary collaborations on one specific project.