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When bacteria fight back

Some bacteria that cause disease in humans are becoming more resistant to antobiotics—so resistant that some experts see ‘antibiotic resistant’ infections as tomorrow’s plague. Fortunately, research is progressing, particularly at the UCL de Duve Institute. Antibiotics are probably the...
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Learning how to grow symbiotic fungi

UCL’s Mycology Laboratory is a world leader in the in vitro breeding of a certain fungus of great value to agriculture and research. Each year, Prof. Stéphane Declerck’s team shares its knowledge with people who come to UCL from all over the world.  Truffles, boletes and other...
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Student mission to Mars

‘Mars to earth, come in, Earth.’ UCL students can pronounce these words every April when they take off for the red planet—so to speak—via Mars Society’s Mission to Mars project. Space travel in the 21st century will revolve more than ever around the red planet. European and US programmes...
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Towards a treatment for venous malformation?

Angiomas, vascular malformations that can provoke numerous symptoms, afflict approximately 6,000 people in Belgium. For 20 years, Dr Laurence Boon, coordinator of the Centre for Vascular Anomalies of UCL’s Saint-Luc University Hospitals, and Miikka Vikkula, a researcher at UCL’s de Duve...
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Gamers, who are you?

When it comes to the players of video games, preconceptions abound. They’re often disturbing stereotypes: the isolated youth with eyes for nothing but his computer, tablet or smartphone. Olivier Servais, a researcher at UCL’s Laboratory for Prospective Anthropology, decided to penetrate a...
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